Our Story

Athang is inspired by the landscape and culture it resides within. Aathang is woven with deep love and respect for the people of the natural world. It is a luxurious hotel ‌in the western ghats of Maharashtra. Around Athang, you will find beautiful sea views, lakes, landscapes with lush green grass, hidden waterfalls, and other naturally attractive places.

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About Founder

IIM Kolkata alumni 

-Consultant for infrastructure projects for the Government of Maharashtra in sectors like non-conventional energy projects and telecom infrastructure.

-Partners in the completion of more than 600 plus residential units in tier-2 cities, and 0.3 million sq. feet of commercial spaces in Pune (Baner) 

-A sportsperson by nature, a marathoner, and a cycling enthusiast.

-A legal expert in the profession for 16 years, a specialist in Land/construction/Infrastructure related laws.

– Firm believer of Philosophy sarvetra sukhinah santu meaning let everyone be eternally happy.

Mr. Ranjeet Narayan Mane